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Defend yourself; Protect your family; Protect your business; Membership will defend you with the “Dream Team.” In a changing world we feel confident that we have a shield of protection for you, your family, your business, and your assets from an aggressive legal system and media.We are in difficult times: Assault, Rape, and Violent Robbery are everywhere; Every year, millions of Americans buy pepper spray, stun guns, firearms, and other self-defense tools; But they rarely think of being prosecuted for using them.

Bedroom-Gun-460x283In recent years America has become a more dangerous nation. Every day over 1,800 citizens are robbed; 1,871 women are assaulted; 45 innocent men, women, and children are murdered. Every day you, your family, and everything you care about hangs in the balance. Who is going to protect you? Your home security system does nothing more than sound an alarm. The police only respond after an emergency call. The courts can only find justice after you have been victimized. Only you and you alone have the power to protect the people you love. If you use any self-defense weapon you leave yourself helpless to social, political, and legal persecution.

We are a national association, with attorneys in all 50 states, providing members an aggressive legal defense for the use of any weapon including a hand gun, rifle, shotgun, spear gun, bow & arrow, stun gun, pepper spray, knife, or any other object used to defend or protect.


These are just a few examples that illustrate, if you own a gun, or use a weapon, what can happen to you. You have multiple attorneys on your side with the SDF plan. All attorney fees and court costs are paid. You just pay the cost of monthly or yearly membership and nothing more.


For the answer of should you agree to be interviewed by the police please watch this video of a law school professor, former criminal defense attorney, and a police officer to see what they have to say about voluntarily talking to the police. Also hear what the Chief Justice of the United States Robert Jackson has to say..



Michael Savage recommends membership in the SDF. Michael is the host of “The Savage Nation” which is a nationally syndicated radio talk show that is on Talk Radio Networks across the United States. Gil Gerard recommends membership in the SDF. Gil is an international star of film, TV, and theater.


Your phone call will always be answered by a live person at any time, day, night, or holiday. The call will be recorded and you can count on immediate attorney help. If you are arrested and in jail then you and your family can count on our bail bondsman. You can have complete peace of mind that we are there to help you.


This news report link is an example of the SDF legal team aggressively defending a member. Case reference is the illegal arrest of Army Master Sergeant C. J. Grisham in March 2013 while on a hike with his 15-year old son.


Federal and state laws offer rights to victims of crime including, but not limited to, those inflicted with pain, suffering, property loss, violence, robbery, physical abuse and scores of other crimes. If you have been a victim of a crime then the SDF can assist its members in finding out what their state laws are regarding compensation, restitution, victim statements, and more.

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