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Credit or Debit Card Updates

Members we do not know or keep any credit or debit card information in our data base. Only you and the issuer know that information. Please follow the instructions below to update or change.

ANY changes you make to your card information, such as a change of address or expired card, will automatically lock your account and your membership will be suspended.  This is done by your bank.  The SDF does not know or keep credit card numbers in our computer data base.  Only you and the bank know that information.

To make sure your coverage is not interrupted please send an email to naflgd@gmail.com or call 682-238-8161 to let the administrator know you are moving to a new address or making a change to a different card. Your file is protected by a User Name (email address) and Password which is specific to you.

We need to set our security to accept a change of information.    This security precaution prevents unauthorized changes to your information.

The SDF does not keep or store any card numbers in our computer system. Only the member and the bank have access to that information.


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