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All 50 States – U.S. Territories – All Tribal Lands

Lady Justice is blind folded but she has a seeing eye dog attorney in every state to guide her through the legal system fighting for you. 

Lady DogDefend yourself, your family, property, or business and the SDF attorneys will aggressively defend you.

Do not worry as a member you can have complete peace of mind against any litigation that may come against you.  Membership areas of coverage are at home or travel to, from, and through any City, State, Federal Park, or Tribal Land.  Membership will provide legal assistance for the use of the members’ weapon in a self-defense incident be it an attack by a person or animal.  Qualified attorneys will aggressively pursue and defend you against criminal or civil litigation brought against you, including attorney fees, court cost, and if needed private investigator fees and/or expert witness fees until your case is resolved or a no-bill by a Grand Jury.  You are covered up to $1 Million total cost.

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