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Crime Victim Rights

You have had to defend yourself, family, and/or property from an attack. Remember you have victim rights. As a member you have the power to “Fight Back”. Sue the attacker and his/her assets for restitution which can amount to $,$$$,$$$.$$

Federal and state laws offer rights to victims of crime including, but not limited to, those inflicted with pain, suffering, property loss, violence, robbery, physical abuse and scores of other crimes. If you have been a victim of a crime then the SDF can assist its members in finding out what their state laws are regarding compensation, restitution, victim statements, and more.

Courts can order restitution directly to the victim of a crime. The following is a general list of losses covered.

Restitution can cover any out-of-pocket losses directly relating to the crime, including:

  • medical expenses;
  • therapy costs;
  • prescription charges;
  • counseling costs;
  • lost wages;
  • expenses related to participating in the criminal justice process (such as travel costs and child care expenses);
  • lost or damaged property;
  • insurance deductibles; and
  • other expenses that resulted directly from the crime.